Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I miss Oprah!  When her show went off the air in May of 2011, I had a boo-hoo moment or two.  I can still remember the very early years of her run ... watching her every afternoon with my mom ... good stuff.  The other night I was flipping channels, that mindless surfing one does when one really should just go to bed.  I came across OWN, I guess we are getting a free peak as it isn't part of our dish subscription.  Anyway, she was sitting on a stage with Iyanla Vanzant ( I think Oprah discovered her  ... she wrote a book, maybe ... she's a sort of life coach, I guess).  The topic was Terrible Things That Women Do To Each Other.  Wow.  Of course I had to stay tuned!  I was glad I did, it was very interesting and very (in my opinion) spot-on. 

Women are complicated creatures.  Men, notsomuch.  At least I think so and believe that Iyanla and Oprah agree.  During my recent journey through depression, my friendships with other women really suffered.  I was blessed that my marriage and my family relationships remained mostly strong, but unfortunately that wasn't the case with several friendships.  I made a lot of mistakes, had to come to terms with a lot of personal failings, but also learned a lot of lessons.

Anyway, check this out:


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