Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I hit a wall yesterday.  Had a little pity party, table for one.  Was snippity to my Hubby and fought with my Bubby over math homework (then went to hot yoga, where the angst festered in my temple, so un-namaste).  What was my damage?  I was overwhelmed and wrung out.  Fed up with the day to day business of suburban life and not in the mood to be grateful for the terrific life that I have.  So.  There.  Last week I had coffee with a friend ... my oh-so-fabulous mom crush friend that I want to be when I grow up.  We were catching up while sipping coffee at Whole Foods and I was pretending to be so very whole and earthy and zen (she doesn't have to pretend, she is).  She was talking about a recent trip her family took (basically around the world, no joke, she is that fabulous) and made a comment about being thankful for her life and checking her inner dialogue ... something about reminding herself that her life is full not busy as busy tends to have negative connotations and really everything in her life is by design and it is a great life.  I thought it was cool and profound and something that I too needed to be reminded of.  Yeah, well yesterday ... notsomuch.  Just so happened that I caught a very relative segment of the TODAY Show this morning ... Mom Goes On Strike ... check her out here:  I have a new hero.  Kudos!

Anyway, let me paint you a picture of our life ...

Hubby and I have been together 19 years (married 15), Bubby came along almost 9 years ago.  Hubby works full-time (maybe 45 hours a week), is working on his MBA in an online program (half way through with a 4.0 GPA!  ra-ra), works-out 4 to 5 times a week and is a very hands on dad ... I just wish he'd get his hands on a toilet brush or the vacuum once in a while ... but he does help (just ask him).  LOL  I work full-time (maybe 38 hours a week), work-out 5 to 6 times a week, keep the house, run most of the household errands, do the shopping, do most of the cooking (I use that term loosely), deal with all of  Bubby's doctor, dentist, sports and Religious Ed appointment making, registrations, chauffeuring, etc.  I also try to see friends and family once in a while.  I was in a monthly Book Club for several years, but it has recently fizzled ... so one less thing.  I use to read and watch tv, oh the good ol' days.  Bubby has school, daily homework, always a sport (typically one a season), Religious Ed, and healthy Lego and Video Game habits to maintain as well as play dates and birthday parties to attend fairly regularly.  Oye! 

Yesterday I had Bubby's backpack packed, his water bottle filled, and his soccer bag equipped for after school practice.  Yeah Me!  When I left the house he was properly clothed for a chilly fall day and I put a heavy sweatshirt next to his stuff.  Later that day I discovered that after I left the house (I go into work early so that I can pick him up from school every day), Hubby had allowed him to change his clothes and possibly leave behind his sweatshirt.  UGH!  People, in case you are like Hubby and have never been a 9 year old boy (apparently as Hubby has NO sense of these things but ME being a female and having been raised with only sisters - I get it ... duh), you should know that 9 year old boys do not worry about things like hypothermia (ok, maybe I exaggerate the weather here a bit) or preparedness or basically anything past the end of their nose!  Yeah, so, that's the scoop.  Was not a good day yesterday.  Oh, and by the way, I totally get that I ONLY have one child and that I am not a single mom (much due respect) and that my OCD and extreme Neatnickness makes my life harder than it needs be.  Totally get it, just don't care to suck it up and get over myself right now ... here, on this blog.  Here, on this blog, I get to live in Louville where I can bitch and moan as much as I want ... at least until I am over myself.

You know, like right about now.

Go read that there blog up there, too fun. 

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  1. I completely understand how you're feeling, though I don't work any longer (being a SAHM comes with its own set of challenges). Life can be overwhelming sometimes, no matter how many blessings you have. You come on here and complain all you want, mama. I'll be here to listen and commiserate.