Thursday, July 3, 2014


Happy 4th of July!  How can it be here already?  The last month has flown by.  Summer is in full swing here and we've been busy.  I'm looking forward to a LAZY day tomorrow.  No work, no gym, no schedule.  We might go to the pool, we might go to a movie, we might go to a BBQ and we might go to a soccer game.  I'm not making any promises.

I'm enjoying summer to the best of my ability.  Sometimes it is hard, truth be told.  My job gets uber busy in the summer (that's agriculture, folks) while many of my friends and family's summers are spent relaxing, hanging at the pool, playing outside with their kiddos.  I know the grass is always greener and yada yada yada, but I SO envy my friends and family that have their summers off (and by off, I do not mean that they are not busy raising their kids and managing their homes, so no rotten tomatoes).  Oh well, that's life and I'm not one to wallow, so I move on.

On a lighter note, here are a few items that I've been digging lately and have been making my summer more enjoyable:

Striped Summer Tote from DSW

I enjoyed a GNO with a friend a few weeks ago and after a couple of margaritas we walked over to a nearby DSW where I used a Rewards coupon that I'd been saving ... I scored this tote for $18! 

Jergens BB Body Cream

Seriously, this is the best body cream ever.  It is a tinted moisturizer, not to be confused with a self tanner, so like a body makeup.  I put it on my legs and arms in the morning after my shower and let it dry for 5 minutes or so before getting dressed (while I do my makeup).  It gives just a bit of color and glow and the smell is YUMMY.  I love it.

Note, no picture to upload, sorry ... something is wonky.

John Frieda Everlasting Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

Confession, I'm not a natural blond.  Well, let me clarify this.  I'm a natural dark or dirty blond.  Not naturally any shade of blond that anyone finds remotely attractive.  So I color my hair.  In the spring and summer I tend to go very blond.  In the fall and winter I'm a darker blond with both low and highlights and use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.  However, when I'm BLOND, like right now, I use the John Frieda Blonde collection.  I'm currently loving the Everlasting Blonde collection as it is designed for color treated blonds (although any of the Blonde collection works on color treated hair, I believe).  It really helps with the brassiness and the dry straw issues that come from being this blond and using a blow dryer and hot iron most days.


Home Projects


We just marked one year in our current home (maybe I should stop calling it our new home now).  Honestly, we were so wiped out from the move that we didn't do much but unpack (mostly) until recently.  We're still not painting, renovating our dated kitchen or replacing carpet, but we have started replacing light fixtures and some doorknobs as well as adding/changing some décor.  For years I've really struggled to put my finger on just what style of home décor tickles my fancy.  I like some country, but not TOO country.  Some shabby but not TOO shabby.  Some Americana Folksy but not TOO Folksy.  I think I've narrowed things down a bit and would now say that I really like the upcycled vintage (Americana) style.  I think.  So, anyway, we replaced our dining room light fixture last weekend and put up this one from Lowe's.



Colorado Outdoors

It feels wrong to live in this beautiful state and not take part in some sort of outdoor experience at least once each summer.  I'm talking an outdoor concert, an outdoor sporting event, and outdoor marketplace or fair.  Something.  I didn't have anything planned until I noticed a friend's FB page with a post about Fitness on the Rocks at Red Rocks.  My BFF and I are signed up for the outdoor yoga session and I can't wait!

So that's what's shaking around here.  Happy Summer!

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